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Vanity Cases

Vanity case is the term which is used for containers which have been specifically designed to hold personal items required for applying make-up, keeping hair tidy and looking good and perhaps skin and hair care products. Although generally known as a vanity case, due to their use it is perhaps understandable that some people just refer to them as their makeup cases as, in reality that is exactly what they are.

Depending on how much makeup someone uses or how many hair products they have will determine the size which their vanity case needs to be and so they can vary in size greatly from very small for the person that rarely uses makeup to extraordinary large for an actress that may take a vanity case on shoots in remote locations. The smaller ones will often be kept on a dressing table perhaps next to a jewelry box whilst the largest of the vanity cases is capable of becoming the dressing table complete with lights and mirrors and wheels in order to make it mobile.

Vanity cases were first designed as luggage for people to conveniently carry their everyday products for looking smart, separate from their main luggage, allowing them to easily freshen up whenever necessary without having to unpack all their other cases. It is perhaps strange that the vanity cases which have become so popular with women today, were originally designed for men as when they were first designed, in the early Victorian days, it was only men that used to travel. As the only men that could afford to travel in those days were men of wealth, the vanity case became a symbol of status as the owner of one was immediately thought of as a man that was well to do.

Still during Victorian times but many years later, women of means also started to travel and so vanity cases were designed for them with same use in mind but perhaps larger cases were needed. When these women that traveled realized how convenient it was o have they needed to keep up their appearances were all in one place, they started to use their vanity cases even if they were not traveling. This of course led to women buying a vanity case even if they had no intention of traveling, just for the convenience even in their own bedrooms. The popularity of the vanity case continued to grow until today when most of the bedrooms for women feature a vanity case of some size.

People still use a vanity case when traveling though especially those people that require a lot of products of this nature, such as actors, actresses and models. As these people may never know where they will be next or what facilities they will meet there, some of them have very large vanity cases which need wheels to make them mobile. For convenience or for necessity in some of their more remote locations, many of these larger, mobile cases feature lights and mirrors.